Clothoid.A Lamp featured in WIRED magazine (USA)

Wow! It is featured in October 2012 issue of WIRED magazine. (US edition).

Clothoid.A lamp is created by a mathematical curve formula and then that spline is lofted in 3d CAD software. Resulting form is parametric and adjustable in almost infinite number of combinations. You can imagine this 3D form as afterimage of one single point in space as it moves, self-intersecting and rotating around, creating this 3D object. This whole shade form is actually one single line… wrapping around itself.

Whole 3d printed light shade is created in one piece by Shapeways. The lamp is available for purchase now via Shapeways, and it takes about 2 – 3 weeks from order for it to arrive to you.

This is true “manufacturing on demand” piece.

What you will get directly from Shapeways is 3D printed lamp shade only. Lamp base will be sent separately.

Order Here:

NOTE: Lamp base will be sent separately (you will need to contact us at  > info (at) < to give us address where to send the Lamp base. Shapeways is not sharing costomer info with the designers). BTW, any standard 28mm diameter “candelabra” lamp base with screw-on top will fit.